What I’m Into – July 2017


I finally got access to HBO again and have picked up on Game of Thrones. While I feel morally superior for having read the books (George RR Martin – please hurry up and publish 6 &7. You’re not getting any younger) the show is fantastic.

Finally saw Wonder Woman and found out what the hype was about.

I’m an anglophile at heart. If there’s a British show I am usually here for it. A particular favorite is Doctor Who, even though I have THOUGHTS about the writing (ahem, Stephen Moffatt). After all the discussion on who the new Doctor was going to be I had a sinking feeling that it would be another white man. Because 2017 is the year we can’t have nice things. So when Jodie Whittaker was announced to be the new Doctor I was shocked at how excited I was. She’s fantastic in Broadchurch (please go watch – it’s amazing) and I see my hopes rising for next season.


My book for Modern Mrs. Darcy’s book challenge this month was “A book you were excited to borrow or buy but haven’t read yet” aka “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert. This book was wonderful. I often didn’t want to read it because I wasn’t ready to read insightful things about living a creative life. However it did show me a lot of things that I am still pondering over and will probably show up in a future posting.

Other books I read: Graceling, Bitterblue, Fire by Kristin Cashore, I See London, I See France by Sarah Mlynowski, and The Magicians Nephew by CS Lewis. Clearly I’ve been on a YA kick.

I also started Born a Crime by Trevor Noah, and The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon (August reading challenge book)


In addition to the usual suspects, I started listening to The Adventure Zone. There are times I literally have to hold my breath I’m laughing so hard and I’m at work and have to be “professional”. Who knew listening to a podcast of a bunch of people playing Dungeons and Dragons would be absolutely hilarious. The McEllroy family did, I suppose.

Bits and Bobs

Started planning a trip to Santa Fe and Albuquerque for next month.

Enjoy walking to Tattered Cover and Twist and Shout. Living next to a fantastic book store and vinyl store has the potential to be really bad for me. Except I have put myself on a book budget!

Officially submitted paperwork to change from a masters program to a certificate program. More to come on that.

Drinking more Americano’s since I can’t have anything else on the Whole 30.

4th of July – downtown Denver. I promise there were fireworks 


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